Takeaway: Amazon has multiple report forms and programs available to intellectual property owners to protect intellectual property rights.

Online shopping has been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic began. As such, Amazon sales have been thriving, increasing a need to protect intellectual property rights and owners from infringing and counterfeit goods. The Amazon platform offers multiple opportunities for intellectual property owners to protect themselves.

Amazon has an online report form for intellectual property owners to report infringing listings based on patent or trademark rights. Amazon also has a program for resolving possible patent infringement disputes outside of litigation quickly and cost-effectively called the Utility Patent Neutral Program. Registering a brand with the Amazon Brand Registry will also aid trademark owners in protecting their intellectual property rights by submitting infringement reports for listings and offers additional tools for reporting and searching for counterfeit goods. Amazon also launched its Project Zero program which is part of its Counterfeit Crimes Unit to aid brand owners in removing infringing content from the online marketplace platform.

As many businesses are only available to shop online due to the effects of the pandemic, combating infringement efforts is essential for business owners. Amazon’s platform offers useful tools for intellectual property owners to protect their intellectual property rights.