Jeffrey Sheldon of Cislo & Thomas LLP Presents:

January 17th: Patent Application Preparation in View of Recent Court Decisions: Updates and Strategies Webcast by Practicing Law Institute

Do you prepare patent applications? If so, join patent authority Jeffrey Sheldon’s webcast on January 17th as he provides you with an insightful and timely update on patent preparation strategies based on new developments in the law. Obtain the skills and best practices you need to provide better client service, and increase chances that your patent will issue and survive an IPR and litigation. Discussions will include:

  • Best strategies in writing applications in view of possible abstract idea and product of nature rejections
  • How to make provisional applications prior art as to third parties
  • Functional language versus product by process language – what is it?
  • Broad claims and the enablement challenge
  • Should the background portion of a patent application be skinny?
  • The potential trap of multiple embodiments in a design application
  • How many drawings in a design patent application?
  • Challenging inventorship
  • Using “and” and “or” terms
  • Priority claim

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March 1 – May 9: Patent Law Practice: Learn to Be a Successful Patent Practitioner 2019 Course (Practicing Law Institute Course)

For those who want to be patent practitioners and patent practitioners that want to sharpen their skills, join Jeffrey Sheldon in an online virtual classroom, starting March 1st. This 10-week program will cover all of the basics of patent prosecution, including:

  • Interviewing an Inventor and Obtaining a Patentability Study
  • Conducting a Patentability Search/Evaluating Search Results
  • Drafting Claims
  • Ordering Drawings and Writing a Patent Application
  • Provisionals, Design, and Information Disclosure Statements
  • Restriction Requirements and Responding to First Office Actions
  • Responding to Final Rejection
  • Infringement and Validity Opinions
  • Foreign Filing
  • Post Issuance

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