As we step into 2024, intellectual property law is poised for dynamic changes, driven by technological advancements, global shifts, and evolving legal landscapes. Cislo & Thomas wants you to be informed of key trends to consider as you navigate this new year.

Software Patentability: Defining patentable subject matter still a must remains when involving software inventions, specifically as the Supreme Court continues to refuse to take on any cases to clarify patentability parameters.

Biotech Inventions: Patenting biotech inventions will continue to get more difficult after the Supreme Court Amgen decision, in which the Court invalidated Amgen’s patent for failing to provide enough information to enable others to make and use the entire class of antibodies covered by the patent.

Focus on Trade Secrets: As technology changes more quickly using artificial intelligence, safeguarding trade secrets will gain increased importance as companies recognize the intrinsic value of proprietary information. Robust strategies for identifying, managing, and legally protecting trade secrets will be essential, emphasizing the need for comprehensive trade secret protection frameworks.

Defining Ownership Involving AI: The exponential growth of digital technologies and artificial intelligence continues to transform industries. In 2024, we anticipate heightened discussions surrounding the ownership, protection, and enforcement of AI-generated inventions. As AI becomes a driving force behind innovations, questions of attribution and patent eligibility will likely take center stage.

Global Patent System Changes: Patent systems worldwide are expected to undergo reforms and adjustments to streamline processes, harmonize regulations, and accommodate emerging technologies. These changes aim to create a more cohesive and responsive framework for the rapidly evolving nature of innovation.

Data Privacy and IP: The intersection of data privacy regulations and IP considerations is becoming increasingly relevant. In areas where personal data is intricately linked to innovative technologies or business processes, navigating the complexities of data privacy laws alongside IP protection will be imperative.

As businesses and innovators venture into the intellectual property landscape of 2024, staying informed and adapting strategies to these anticipated trends will be key to success. At Cislo & Thomas, we can support and empower you to embrace innovation and safeguard your business’ intellectual assets as we move forward in this new year.