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Supreme Court Interprets the On-Sale Rule Under AIA

Takeaway: Even secret sales and licenses of a product could count against you under the on-sale bar. Make sure to file a provisional application sooner than later to preserve your rights in an invention if you plan on marketing the product for funding.
Feb 08, 2019

Jeffrey Sheldon of Cislo & Thomas LLP Presents Two Courses

January 17th: Patent Application Preparation in View of Recent Court Decisions: Updates and Strategies Webcast by Practicing Law Institute March 1 – May 9: Patent Law Practice: Learn to Be a Successful Patent Practitioner 2019 Course (Practicing Law Institute Course)
Dec 14, 2018

Microsoft Goes Open-Source

Takeaway: Microsoft dedicated all of their patents to the OIN patent pool network giving everyone the ability to use their technology without fear of infringement.
Nov 07, 2018

Glacier Films v. Turchin

Takeaway: Attorney’s fees payable to a prevailing party in a Copyright Infringement action must be based on the specifics of the case at hand, not on the general presumption of the type of copyright matter at hand.
Aug 21, 2018