Takeaway: President Biden has signed an executive order emphasizing the use of federal funds for American-made technologies and products, with a focus on domestic manufacturing and job creation, while also requiring disclosure of manufacturing locations for inventions supported by government contracts.

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order prioritizing federal spending on “new technologies and products” that are made in the United States whenever possible. The order also requires recipients of government research and development contracts to report on the location where subject inventions are manufactured.The goal is to promote domestic manufacturing and create jobs through government-supported innovation. Additionally, it aims to address the historical lack of insight into how research investments lead to domestic manufacturing and job creation.

While concerns were raised by some groups that the order might expand manufacturing requirements to non-exclusive licenses, the final order does not impose such a policy. Biden introduced this idea during a visit to Auburn Manufacturing Inc., a company that previously faced challenges from imported fabrics and benefited from tariffs imposed under Biden’s tenure as vice president. The executive order aims to boost domestic manufacturing and job growth in the United States.