Cislo & Thomas LLP client Dr. Sabine Hazan, CEO of Progenabiome and Ventura County-based gastroenterologist, has been dedicated to fighting COVID-19 throughout the pandemic. Dr. Hazan conducted a number of FDA clinical trials showing the efficacy of her unique medications to successfully treat COVID-19. Dr. Hazan and her team’s hard work has paid off, as they have been granted U.S. Patent No. 11,166,971 for “Methods of Treating COVID-19 Infection,” along with many other patents pending.

Patent Attorney Katherine Sales, who helped Dr. Hazan with this filing, says, “I am so honored to be working with Dr. Hazan, who is such an inspirational woman. I can’t wait to see how her important research and development helps humanity, and I look forward to continuing to protect her innovations.”

Dr. Hazan knew early on that the vaccination route had very limited utility over time. Her early treatment will prove more effective in the battle against COVID-19.